With my passion and love for Carp fishing, I have always dreamed of owning a Carp fishery, and with that goal achieved, it's now time to share these wonderful lakes with you....

Come and enjoy Carp Fishing at its best on this superb 3 acre lake set in 20 acres of French countryside near Chalus in the Limousin, with carp to over 50lb.

All Lake Exclusive Bookings start and finish on Saturdays. Food package available, which consists of breakfast, lunch and dinner/pudding. We offer Tackle Hire and have Bait Boats for hire if required.

We sell a range of baits on site, including Dynamite Baits, Munch Baits and Urban Baits Boilies and hookbaits/glugs etc, and a range of pellet, maize (crushed or whole) and wheat.

We have carp currently to late 50's, a good head of 40's and 30's, with some 20's and teens coming up through the ranks. We have a few small carp caught every year, which is a great sign, as these will be the 50's and beyond of the future! We have had growth rates of well over 10lb a year on some fish.

Compton's Lake can be booked Exclusively for up to 4 anglers. Depths range from 2 feet to 14 feet, with the average depth of water ranging around 6 to 10 feet.

Other species include Tench (to 8lb) and the usual Roach/Rudd, Perch, Pike to balance the eco system of the lake.

See our 'Pricing & Availability' page for further details.

If you would prefer to travel down on the Friday so you are fresh and ready to go on Saturday, we are more than happy for you to do so (driving customers only).  You can bivvy up on the Friday night in the field adjacent to the lake, and wake up Saturday feeling refreshed and not worn out after your journey! We can arrange a Friday  evening meal, breakfast on Saturday morning followed by lunch. Please ask for details and cost of our pre-holiday evening meal and breakfast/lunch.

There is a cabin at Compton's Lake for storing equipment, keeping dry etc.
There is a small solar power station at the cabin so you can recharge your mobile phones/tablets. There is also a light in the cabin to make things easier at night!
We have free wifi around the cabin for checking emails, facebook etc.
The toilet and shower is at the back of the barn just a couple of minutes walk from the lakes.

An investment we made at the end of 2017 was a lake diffuser aeration system for Compton's Lake, which has now been extended to Harry's Lake as well. We feel that with the addition of the aeration system, it will be an added benefit for health of both lakes and will help promote more naturals, better water quality and bigger fish!

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