Compton's Lake

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We also stocked some more young carp over the Winter of 2017 between 17 and 22lb.

Other species include Tench (to over 8lb) and the usual Roach/Rudd, Perch, Pike to balance the eco system of the lake.

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Compton's Lake is available to book weekly for exclusive hire for up to 4 anglers, or as 3 individual spaces between March and November.

Book now to come and share in our passion for carp fishing!!!

We have carp currently to late 50's, a good head of 40's and 30's, with some 20's and teens coming up through the ranks. We have had a few small carp caught last year around the 3lb to 6lb mark, which is a great sign, as these will be the 50's and beyond of the future! We have had growth rates of well over 10lb a year on some fish.  This lake is classed as a medium to hard water, but as always, effort equals reward!

Compton's Lake can be booked Lake Exclusively for up to 4 anglers, or as individual spaces for up to 3 anglers. We limit individual anglers to 3, so each angler has roughly an acre of water to fish. Depths range from 2 feet to 14 feet, with the average depth of water ranging around 6 to 10 feet.

Exclusive to  Compton's Lake, there is a cabin for storing equipment, keeping dry (or sleeping in your bedchairs if you wish) etc.


There is a small solar power station at the cabin so you can recharge your mobile phones/tablets. There is also a light in the cabin to make things easier at night!


There is free wifi around the cabin for checking emails, facebook etc, but not for streaming films. 


The toilet and shower is at the back of the barn just a couple of minutes walk from the lake.