• Mark Compton

30 Second Take.........

While doing some work on the dam bank this morning, I thought I would drop a couple of rods in..... You never know! I set the right hand rod in the margin, and the left hand rod about 4 rod lengths out into deep water. As soon as I cast the left rod and felt the bait hit the bottom of the lake, I put the rod into the rest while chucking a few boilies out by hand. As I threw the last boilie in (all of 30 seconds), the line started to tighten, and then it started screaming off the reel. I hadn't even set the line in the bite alarm!

A battle ensued, as this hard fighting carp woke up.... He wasn't giving up, and every time I gained some line, he headed back off to the bottom of the lake (some 18ft deep at the dam end). A good 15 minutes later, I landed this beautiful Mirror weighing in at 28lb 8oz.

This one last came out on the 25th April last year (2016) at bang on 20lb caught by Keith Judd, so a good 8lb 8oz weight gain in just under a year, with the fish growing in proportion both in length and size!

Ah well, excitement over and now back to work on dam bank!



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