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Leam, Dave & Andy Catch Report Week of 8th September 2018

We welcomed Lea, Dave & Andy last week, and what a great week they had. Honours of the biggest catch went to Dave with a hard fighing Mirror weighing in at 50lb 2oz, and battle of the week went to Lea with a colossol fight of an hour and 10 minutes with a 37lb Linear that just would not give up!

The week started off well with some of the bigger fish showing,but by midweek, they switched off and Lea, Dave and Andy really had to work hard for bites. Still, 21 fish landed for the week, 2 PB's broken, Dave with his 50lb 2oz Mirror (Jupiter), and Lea with a 45lb 8oz Mirror (Marty).

Andy had some nice young Commons out over the week with the biggest coming out at 25lb, but the bigger fish just weren't playing ball. That was until the last morning when Andy's rod bent round and his alarm just one toned! He hit into it and it felt a lot bigger, hugging the bottom of the lake, so it looked like his luck had changed. After a good scrap, the tungsten tubing just started to show above the water line, when the carp rolled, and spat the hook! Very unlucky, but that's the highs and lows of fishing, and thats what keeps us coming back time and time again!

A good show of 40's and 30's with some lovely young Commons and Mirrors coming through as well. A great weeks angling by Lea, Dave and Andy, and we look forward to seeing them again next year! Enjoy the video & photos of some of their catches!

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