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Jim Smith Catch Report Week of 27th October 2018

The last week of our 2018 season was seen out by Jim Smith, and what a way to see it out. Jim absolutely smashed it this week, breaking his PB five times, with five fifties on the bank, 16 fish landed, to a total weight of 651lb 2oz, with an average weight of 40lb 11oz.

A '50' on the bank is a dream for anyone, but to have five 50's out in the same week, that's the stuff that dreams are made of! Great angling by Jim, and he really has set himself a very difficult target to try and beat next year!

The Commons seemed very elusive and it was the Mirrors that were gracing the net, with 14 out of the 16 carp landed being Mirrors. Jim landed 5 x 50's, 4 x 40's, 3 x 30's, 3 x 20's and a mid teen.

The weights were as follows in order of being caught:

53lb 2oz Mirror - The Tailor

15lb 3oz Common

47lb 6oz Mirror

52lb 4oz Mirror - Marty

52lb 11oz Mirror - Crackers

28lb 2oz Mirror - Jimbo

30lb 10oz Mirror - Chuckles

56lb 11oz Mirror - Jupiter - NEW LAKE RECORD

28lb 10oz Mirror

48lb 8oz Mirror - Jupiter's Mate

30lb 14oz Mirror - The Pretty One

51lb 9oz Mirror

33lb 1oz Mirror

46lb 5oz Mirror

48lb 1oz Mirror

28lb Common

Jim also finishes the year claiming the Lake Record with 'Jupiter' weighing in at an impressive 56lb 11oz.

Enjoy Jim's amazing week in the video...

Once again Dynamite Baits Complex T was the killer bait! #DynamiteBaits #ComplexT

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