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Jim Smith Catch Report Week of 13th April 2019

A great start to our 2019 season for Jim Smith with 12 carp landed from 13 runs, with three 50's included in that total. As well as the bigger fish, we saw some lovely young scaly mirrors coming through, which will become target fish for the future!

Total weight for the week was 406lb 4oz with an average weight of just under 34lb. Some great battles as always, with the carp fighting as hard as ever!

Again, to have a 50 on the bank is a good week by anyone's standards, so for Jim to grace the net with three 50's, just shows that it can be done!

The Commons seemed seem to be as elusive at the start of this season as they were towards the end of last season, so I think we could see some real surprises with the commons if anyone can manage to trip them up!

Jim landed 3 x 50's, 2 x 40's, 1 x 30's, 3 x 20's and 3 mid teens.

The weights were as follows in order of being caught:

24lb 11oz Common

15lb 7oz Scaly Mirror

13lb 14oz Scaly Mirror

38lb 2oz Linear - The Silver Lin

17lb 10oz Fully Scaled Mirror

26lb 4oz Mirror

52lb 14oz Mirror - Crackers

40lb 2oz Mirror

53lb 13oz Mirror - Jupiter

51lb 9oz Mirror - Marty

29lb 12oz

42lb 2oz Mirror - Peanuts

Enjoy Jim's catch report video below...

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